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Terms and conditions

This document outlines the Privacy Policy and Terms of Sale used for Urban Adventure Tours

  • “Privacy Policy” describes end user agreement for using the website, online booking platform and booking applications (mobile, web or otherwise). These terms and conditions will be considered binding and legal.
  • “Terms of Sale” describes the agreement of sale and policies for all Urban Adventure Tours and third party products and services sold by Urban Adventure Tours.
  1. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.
  2. Gratuity is not included in price unless stated on invoice.
  3. Full refunds on most cancellation made with 48 hrs of scheduled pickup time. (Does not apply to Private Tours, This is 24 hours).
  4. Tour duration differs base on tour itinerary. Please refer to tour itinerary for timings.
  5. Tour extension is available upon guest request and is subject to an overage time charge. Overage time charge varies depending on vehicle type, price starts at $125 per hour plus applicable taxes.
  6. Littering of vehicle by guests are subject to $250 cleaning fee.
  7. There will be no additional charge if the tour exceeds the expected time because of circumstances beyond the control of the tour guide or the guest. E.g. traffic congestion. 7. No refund will be given in the rare event of a vehicle breakdown.